Bus Information for 2023-24

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We hope everyone has managed to enjoy the summer break.    Please find attached information from ACC regarding school transport starting on Tuesday 17th August.


Bus Services will operate from all areas as per 2020/21 academic year. Bus Services will be operated by First Aberdeen and Stagecoach Bluebird and will serve all existing bus stops along the routes detailed.


Out with school times, pupils will be able to utilise services 3 and 18 to travel between home and school on their respective routes. Changes for 2020/21 The service 22C has been renamed 22B but will operate the same route. As a result of a tendering exercise services 21A, 22A and 22B will now be operated by Stagecoach Bluebird. There will be no change to routes or timetables as a result and the Lochside Travel pass will continue to be accepted on the services 22A and 22B. As a result of this change, only Stagecoach tickets will be accepted on the service 21A. Bus Pass for pupils in Torry and Kincorth The bus passes will be loaded onto pupils Accord cards, in school, throughout the first few weeks of term. As bus passes will not be loaded onto all pupils Accord cards immediately, if you are using one of the school time services (22A, 22B, 31, 181, 182 and 183), bus drivers will let any children in uniform on the buses for the first 4 weeks of term, up to Friday 10th September 2021, without the bus pass product being on the Accord card. Children may be asked to show their Accord Card, as a flash pass, as evidence. If you are travelling on the service 3 or 18 you may be asked to pay a fare, if you do need to use these services, please speak to the school office so that you can be provided with a travel voucher. Any children who have lost or damaged their Accord card since they were last in school should speak to the school office to arrange a replacement, in which case travel vouchers will be provided until the replacement Accord card has been received. The school bus pass will only be valid on the following services: 3/3A/3B, 18, 22A/22B, 31, 181, 182 and 183.


Please also find attached, information regarding bus routes.

We have also been advised that there is to be a road closure on Victoria Road from 23rd August for approximately three weeks which will affect the 22B Service to Lochside. The service will divert via Balnagask Circle, Balnagask Road, Abbey Place and Victoria Road. There will not be temporary bus stops as there are existing stops on the full length of the route.  Pupils should go to the next nearest stop (please see stops circled on attached map).

Thank you

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