Christmas Snowcase 2021

We are delighted to announce our Christmas Snowcase 2021 is here and available to watch now!  The video will be available to view here until Friday 13th December and features some outstanding performances which displays the talent and ability of our young people.  Many thanks to the Expressive Arts Faculty and of the course the wonderful pupils who have made this a possibility.
This year we are hoping to raise money for one of our charities AberNessecities.  Please click on the link or image to support this fantastic cause.
"AberNecessities is a local charity supporting underprivileged families in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire. We provide families with essential items to care for their babies and children to help alleviate some of the pressure of bringing up a young family with limited resources. We are dedicated to ensuring basic needs are met and provide items such as formula milk, nappies, toiletries, clothes and cots. Every penny of your donation goes towards buying items which are then given directly to families".


Running Order
  1. Piano Recital
  2. Artwork Selection from Ms Simpson's class
  3. Lochside Academy Wind group
  4. Dance Performance from the Aesthetic PE Group
  5. Artwork Selection from Mr Scobbie's class
  6. Message from Mr Hendry
  7. Vocal Solo Performance
  8. Artwork Selection from Mrs Batsford's classes
  9. Lochside Academy Vocal Group
  10. Artwork from the Nurture Group
  11. Lochside Senior Prefect message
  12. Cinderella the Lochside AcademyPantomime