Annual Awards Ceremony

Annual Awards Ceremonies

At Lochside Academy we are ambitious to realise our school mission, vision and values by ensuring that pupils’ achievements are recognised and that they are celebrated as inspiring individuals: outstanding together at our Annual Awards Ceremonies that take place at the end of the academic session and are a major highlight in the school year.


The Annual Awards Ceremonies are the one time in the school year where the Lochside Academy community of pupils, parents, school partners, award sponsors and former pupils can gather in the splendour of the Music Hall and be inspired by pupil success.  The following events feature in our Annual Awards Ceremonies:

  • Diplomas of Excellence are presented to S1-S4 pupils who consistently exhibit the school’s core values to a high standard throughout the school year;
  • Subject Awards are presented to S4-S6 pupils to formally recognise attainment of students in SQA courses and the completion of any external qualifications;
  • Responsible Citizen Awards are presented to pupils in all year groups to recognise and celebrate outstanding participation and achievement in a variety of endeavours.


A vast array of sponsored certificates, medals, trophies and rewards are also presented to pupils in all year groups ensuring that the evening is a glittering annual awards ceremony interspersed with outstanding pupil entertainment.


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